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In the heart of the Western Ghats, the Uttar Kannada region has 30% dependency on Areca Nut farms. This being a commercial crop, it does not guarantee livelihoods when the prices fluctuate and crops get damaged. There is no alternative income for the Areca Nut farmers as majority finances are spent on maintaining these farms. Working at a grass-root level to create sustainable living models with the local people, our relationship with farmers and the community has already been established. This resulted in a direct discussion with the farmers about alternate income options.

In addition, with the drastically developing tourism in the region and community celebrations like weddings and festivals that are organized in temples along the coastline and rivers; the community contributes enormous plastic waste in the form of plates and cutleries, which are thrown into the water bodies and land once used.

To positively impact both these issues – financial support and environmental damage, we work with local technology developed by local industries using local material thus, contributing to the local community.

Why Areca Nut Leaves?

Unique Properties of Areca Nut Leaves:

  • 100% natural and biodegradable; useful to the soil
  • Easily compostable and can be used as manure
  • It has a natural top layer – water and temperature-resistant
  • No reactions to food or liquid
  • Free from Microbiological E-Coli
  • No fungus within reasonable limit of food contact
  • Leaves possess natural colour – no harm to the food

Who Should Use It?

Reduce Plastic Waste and Save The Planet:

  • Caterers
  • Community Celebrations
  • Delivery / Parcel Containers
  • Casing for Utilities
  • Hotels
  • Canteens
  • Corporate Events
  • Dinnerware / Tableware

Our Machinery

We have installed automatic machines where the operator interface does not induce any quality or safety issues, avoiding human errors and ensuring international standards. Along with our R&D team, we developed state of the art operating systems that oversee process timings and control temperatures depending on seasonal changes. We also have power generators to ensure on-time shipments and deliveries.

Soon, we intend to set up integrated systems for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Safety and Standards

As a socially responsible organization, we do not compromise on working conditions and end products. Implementing all social responsibilities and providing a healthy clean environment for our team is of prime importance in our factory. We have dedicated and skilled manpower for each operation, maintaining hygiene, safety and cleanliness.

No chemical treatment or additives are used in the manufacturing process, promising 100% chemical-free products. These products help to lower carbon footprint as all process waste is reused in our industrial plot to increase green cover.

Making Process

We go door-to-door to collect fallen Areca Nut leaves from local farms. We then clean these sheaths with high-pressured water jets to remove dirt and other natural contamination. For 100 percent effective cleaning, all leaves are also wiped clean with a cloth. After arranging and stacking the leaves for conditioning to maintain proper flexibility, they are pressed in moulds of various standard and customised sizes depending on the requirement. Subsequent steps involve cleaning, buffing, sterilisation and shrink packing as shown above.