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Study Tours

BuDa Folklore conducts study tour programs for schools and colleges to create a learning community that explores folklore knowledge and its application in the contemporary world. These student visits provide an opportunity for the few remaining tribal communities to share the wisdom of their heritage.

We designed this unique model for sustainable development based on endogenous and educational tourism that aims to leverage the inherent strengths of the region and its people and simultaneously brings awareness to the urban youth about a host of issues. By leading people through experiential learning activities, we aim to inspire the urban population to question their own attitudes towards rural communities and catalyse them to be more inclined towards sustainable development and community living.

We invite students and interested individuals to come and learn at first hand from the ethnic people themselves. All resource personnel are from local and tribal communities.
Students study and understand the rich folk culture and people of this region, which include the Halakki, Gamokkalu, Gondas, Siddhis and Kareokkalu tribes. They study their food, art and craft, music, dance and architecture by analysing how the environment and landscape influence their lives, and how they adopt their lifestyle according to their surrounding.

Students will also get the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful landscape, islands, waterfalls, estuaries, hills, rivers, thick forests and the sea.

Schools and Organizations associated with BUDA

  1. Abhaya School, Hyderabad
  2. Anveshana, Bangalore
  3. Bhoomi Network, Bangalore
  4. Centre For Learning, Bangalore
  5. Creative School, Bangalore
  6. Delhi Public School, Bangalore
  7. Drive Change Learning and Resource Centre, Pune
  8. Eco Watch, Bangalore
  9. Gini Kids, Bangalore
  10. Incarnation School, Bangalore
  11. Karnataka University (Folklore Department), Dharwad
  12. Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
  13. National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad
  14. Ohana School, Bangalore
  15. Pathashaala (K.F.I), Tamil Nadu
  16. Peepals Grove School, Andhra Pradesh
  17. Poorna Learning Centre, Bangalore
  18. Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bangalore
  19. Rajghat Basant School (K.F.I.), Varanasi
  20. Rishi Valley School (K.F.I.), Andhra Pradesh
  21. Sahyadri School (K.F.I.), Pune
  22. Shibumi, Bangalore
  23. Srishti Institute Of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore
  24. Steiner School, Bangalore
  25. Swaraj University, Udaipur
  26. Valley School (K.F.I), Bangalore
  27. Yellow Train School, Coimbatore