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BuDa Folklore


Volunteer Program at BUDA Folklore

People interested in the diverse cultures of Uttara Kannada, conservation and sustainable development can contribute to the ongoing activities. From fieldwork to fundraising, communications, documentation, education and livelihood programs, there are many ways you can volunteer with us.

Virtual Volunteers

Our virtual volunteers may be able to work from home or sometimes be required to stay with us for short durations, depending on the allotted work.


  • Content writing
  • Communication design
  • Translating and writing articles/blogs
  • Websites maintenance
  • Social media management & marketing

Field Volunteers

We invite volunteers to stay on the farm for a month or a year. Understand the farming and the forest ecology and help us run the forest stay, farm and ongoing programs.

  • RUTU Live & Learn – We welcome volunteers who enjoy teaching, learning and interacting with children to create a learning community.
  • Study Tours (Sept to Feb) – Volunteer with us for our study tour programs i.e. 3 routes (Forest, Sea and River).


  • We ask volunteers to confirm their participation at least one week before the starting date of the particular program. Volunteers must stay for the entire duration of the program and should arrive one day before the scheduled start date.
  • The team at Buda will screen the volunteer’s applications based on their suitability and skills. Age, sex, political and religious ideologies, nationality or race are not factors in determining volunteers for BuDa Folklore.
  • Volunteering for the farm stay and community projects, the commitment includes a slow life, shramdhan, farming, life skills, land care, cooking, taking care of the pets, learning the local language, understanding the local culture, environmental consciousness and self-initiative. Volunteers should be comfortable staying for long durations with basic amenities.
  • Volunteers must be creative, positive, and flexible to the working conditions, self-directed in the activities that are entrusted to them, and interested and committed to working with the diverse cultures of the region and for the conservation and sustainable development of the natural environment.

Take Back

  • Cultural exchange and learning opportunities
  • Learning the local language
  • Learning the local art and craft
  • Documentation skills
  • Farming
  • Cooking old local recipes using natural ingredients
  • Interacting with various tribes and local communities
  • Gain local wisdom
  • Working without electrical devices
  • Sustainable architecture & building skills


Basic accommodation is organised at the farmhouse itself. A shower and washroom facility with hot water is assured. Fresh food is prepared using ingredients from the farm and also sourced from locals. The food is prepared using wood fire and is served in traditional clay pots. Volunteers must expect to live with limited resources and facilities.


To apply or for more information please email us at [email protected]

*This is an unpaid volunteering program.